"If you like the Everybodyfields, the Civil Wars, or some old school Gram and Emmylou, you will dig Count This Penny."
-Muzzle of Bees | Austin, TX

"Near-perfect folk music."
-Ear to the Ground | Pittsburgh, PA

"Folks may have a faint idea of what to expect from a band that describes what it does as “Appalachian pop,” but they’ll likely be surprised by how instantly inviting Count This Penny sounds. It’s music steeped in old American traditions, but the concise form the songs adhere to and the pop structures the band employs make the songs modern and streamlined enough to thrive far from the mountains where their inspiration first saw the light of day."
-The Onion's A.V. Club | Madison, WI

"Their voices — one a bit gravelly, the other crystal clear — form gorgeous harmonies and textures when paired."
-Isthmus | Madison, WI

"It’s not often one falls in love in a barn, but that’s the case for me and Count This Penny. Lit by lamps and rope lights, [they] filled the barn to the rafters with the intertwining of their voices. In a lineup of excellent bands they stood out – there was a genuine joy and love of music that radiated from them. This initial impression proved true – I’ve seen [them] in the audience of at least as many shows as they’ve played."
-Mixtapes|Heartbreaks || Madison, WI

"Warm harmonies, great vocals, and a brilliant banjo."
-Common Folk Music | WV

"They’re masters of telling stories through song, taking on the voices of well-crafted characters—a runaway kid, a woman married to a no-good preacher man, the father of a suicide victim, or a couple reuniting after the man gets out of prison—in ways that resonate empathy. The subjects are often bleak, but the melodies and harmonies are cathartic."
-Metro Pulse | Knoxville, TN

"There’s a warmth to the music...and a ramshackle grit."
-The Daily Times | Maryville, TN

"Their archetypal Appalachian magnetism, insane harmonies and personal charm will pull you in and warm you through on a chilly November night."

-American Players Theatre | Spring Green, WI

Praise for Pitchman

"On “Pitchman” — the last album recorded at the now-shuttered Smart Studios — throwback duo Amanda and Allen Rigell ease through assorted folk weepers and mournful murder ballads. Best of all, however, are those songs that touch on matters of the heart, and the pair turns out hard-won love tunes (the earnest “Storm With You”) and bitter breakup cuts (the acidic title track) in equal measure."
77 Square, #5 Best of Madison 2012

"A soul as old as the shadow of the mountains, dressed as brightly as a summer afternoon...Behind the polished country of Count This Penny beats a heart of darkness, made of broken love and tormenting memories. Something more, in short, than yet another musical couple ready to crowd the folk scene."
OndaRock | Italy

Pitchman and Count This Penny are yet another example of near perfect folk music that uses the harmonies of male and female vocals, outstanding songwriting, and traditional folk and country instrumentation to craft an album that, from top to bottom, is sure to please fans of the genre and beyond.
Ear to the Ground | Pittsburgh